1) Black coffee with nothing added to it has zero calories.

2) Decaffeinated coffee still retains 1-2% of its original caffeine.

3) According to legend, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi discovered coffee (some say around 800 BC) when he noticed his goats became more energetic from eating some red berries. Hmmm….

4) Coffee beans grow in berries! (Who knew?). There are two beans per berry and it takes about 4,000 beans to make a roasted pound of coffee.

5) Americans drink the most coffee in the world. Second is Brazil and third Japan.

6) The word “coffee” originated from “qahwa,” the Arabic word for wine.

7) Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, behind oil.

8) The French philosopher Voltaire loved coffee so much that he drank on average 50 cups a day. He even has Mike Dolce beat!

9) There are over 50 species of coffee worldwide, but only two, arabic and robusta, are used in commercial coffee production.

10) Bach wrote “The Coffee Cantata,” a miniature comic opera about an addiction to coffee. There are many renditions on YouTube

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