Celebration of Kava Store Opening

In celebration of Kava Store Grand Opening, we are giving a FREE Ice-Cream Cone and 15% Off on All our products and services!


The Opening

We understand that trust takes time which is why we are not charging the sticker price of our products. Rather, we are discounting them so you can develop a trustworthy relationship with us at a healthy pace.
We strive to bring you good business and your trust is essential to us.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our products, and share your happiness with your friends and family. 

The best advertising for our company will be word of mouth; there is sincerity in that as opposed to trying market our products with catchy slogans and pictures. As a consumer I am more likely to believe my friends when it comes to recommendations than I am to believe an advertisement. This second aspect is why we want to provide great service and credibility. It is only through these means that you will Share our brand and products. 

Celebration of Kava! 

We want everyone that comes to our store to feel that excitement, and also feel great when they buy from us.

Follow Us on Instagram and get a FREE Ice-cream cone (on the house) ! That is that there is only LIMITED to the first 500 claims.

Follow Us on Instagram

If you do miss out on this chance, fret not! We will update you on Instagram on the next deal.

Come down to Tampines Hub on the 12th May. Hurry before Time runs out!


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