Eco-Friendly, Green Lifestyle and Eco-Coffee Habit

Let's face it, most of us cannot live without our morning cup of coffee or coffees. That is one of the thing that drives me to leave my bed in the mornings, stimulates my bowel habits and it is a faithful and welcome boost during endless meetings or just a short break.

But as with most habit, I sometimes find myself getting wasteful with my coffee. I’ll brew a cup only to drink half, or brew a pot only to drink a single cup. I’ll forget my travel mug and have to use a disposable cup. And, I’ll admit, for a few times take a straw or plastic bag without the need to. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to green my coffee habits, and I realised that there are a lot of small steps and changes that I can make to make my habit more sustainable and eco-friendly. Here’s how.

1. Choose coffee wisely. There is a multitude of coffee varieties for sale. organic, ethically sourced, fair trade and the list goes on. So do your research on how your coffee is sourced.

2. Straws, bring resuable if possible. Coffee is a commodity that most of us enjoy on a daily basis. If you do use disposable straws, think about it. How much plastic waste is thrown out to the environment. Duck Saves Earth has a solution to this. 

It is well-known by now, the effects plastic pollution places on our environment. Why the focus on plastic straws? Simple! Plastic straws are items most of us use multiple times a day, on a daily basis. It is also something we can easily get rid from our lifestyle. Plastic straws take forever to break down, causing a great accumulation due to its inability to be recycled as well. Our reusable glass straw hence attempts to rid this issue by offering the public a reusable alternative! Made of borosillicate glass, our glass straws are sturdy and gorgeous as well! The transparency element makes it great for ensuring the insides of the straw is completely clean, increasing hygiene standards. Drinking with a glass straw definitely elevates the drinking experience, making it a change you will want to make! One straw is all you need.

3. Skip the single-serve. Pod and capsule systems makers are not very eco-friendly because many of these are not recyclable, or they’re difficult to recycle. Kava capsules are reusable, just wash it and refill with coffee. What’s more, certain models of these machines are designed to be powered on for a large portion of the day so that the water will stay warm, ready to be brewed at a moment’s notice. This, of course, wastes energy.

4. Brush your teeth every morning? Bamboo toothbrush:

Commercial toothbrushes are mainly made of plastic, causing a huge wastage every year due to the need for a brand new brush every few months. The cleaner our teeth, the dirtier the planet. To combat this issue, our bamboo toothbrushes are hence made of a natural material - bamboo. This makes our toothbrush handle entirely compostable, allowing the product to return to the earth after its use. Just be careful! Our bristles are made of nylon, a material that is not compostable, thus requiring the need to remove it before composting the toothbrush. To make travelling much easier, we also offer a bamboo tube to contain the toothbrush. This allows users to keep the toothbrush nice and clean! Perfect!

bamboo toothbrush

5. Taking your coffee to go? By now hopefully you are conditioned to use a travel mug rather than a disposable cup. Stash an extra one in your car for impromptu trips to the coffee shop, and label your travel mugs with your name and phone number in case they get lost. 

6. Compost used grounds. If you’re a gardener, don’t trash those spent coffee grounds! They can be composted or incorporated straight-up into the garden where they impart all sorts of benefits: they add nitrogen to soil or compost, they can act as a barrier to keep slugs and snails out of the garden, and they are great food for a worm bin.

7. Closer and Greener Shave Double edge safety razor

Disposable razors are almost always made of plastic that never breaks down, accumulating in landfills and oceans as time passes. To make matters worse, many of us shave on a daily basis and it is considered a necessity when travelling. This increases the demand for disposable razors, worsening the situation of plastic pollution around the world. This is where our safety razor comes in! Fitted with a sleek and smooth bamboo handle, this safety razor holds the key to a greener shave! It removes the need to turn to disposable plastic razors as it is built to last you a lifetime. Our safety razor is not only compact due to its ability to be separated into 3 smaller parts, it is also able to offer you a close shave and reduced risk of skin irritation or razor burns. The blades needed for the razor is dirt cheap as well, making it a much more cost efficient option in the long run. Not to worry, those blades ARE recyclable. Just be sure to check with your local authorities on the matter of scrap metal recycling!
razor safety

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