Kava Bistro at XY hotel Bugis

Kava at XY Hotel Bugis

Kava Bistro at XY hotel Bugis


About Us

Kava Coffee is a coffee company out of Singapore. We are driven and inspired by quality ethical coffee, great food, meeting people, creativity and creating new experiences for ourselves and others. We are taking these inspiration into our newest experience, a semi-fine dining bistro and cafe to debut our Taste of Singapore food project and immerse people into what a great coffee experience can be.


Why Open a Restaurant? 

We believe that in order to curate an environment that brings community & a sense of belonging, we need a location to sink our teeth into the design, atmosphere, and service. Creating an experience that is authentic and immersive. We believe the best way to start this is in the Heart of Bugis, Heritage in Singapore .


kava bistro


Who We Are and Why We Are

We are Dan and Mir, two cousins from Singapore. Mir has a background in Medical and Nursing with a passion for bringing professional and sustainable practices to small business. Dan has a background in Construction & Business communications and leadership with 5 years experience in the craft of coffee roasting. We have always known that collaboration is the key to success, that is why we have always played off each others strengths.


What is Kava Coffees?

 Kava Coffee, in short, is the go to name for Coffee. A moment to raise our awareness to our surroundings and drop into the essence of life. Our belief has always been that coffee can be a medium for connection, to elevate the human experience. That is why our focus is on the Kava experience from start to finish.


What We Value 

Our core values are creativity, transparency, self-responsibility communication, sustainability, ethics,  growth and community. Every decision that we make in our company stems from one of these values.


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